Being passionately involved in both business and ministry, Dr. Mark Kauffman possesses a unique ability to equip and train marketplace ministers to link the idea of prosperity to a God-given plan to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth. His heart is to see the body of Christ demonstrate the nature and ministry of the Lord Jesus, thus fulfilling their designed destiny.

As the founder and overseeing Apostle of Jubilee Ministries International City Church, New Castle, Pennsylvania, Dr. Kauffman’s ministry expands over 35 years. Through the Word of knowledge and the gifts of healing and prophecy, he sees many miracles as he ministers the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Dr. Mark Kauffman

Dr. Kauffman attained a Doctorate of Divinity from Tabernacle Bible School and University. Since 1987, Dr. Kauffman has owned and operated Butz Flowers, Gifts and In-Home Décor, a historic florist, recognized as the oldest flower shop in the United States and ranking among the top 500 florists worldwide.

Dr. Kauffman is the Chief Executive Officer of Destiny Developers, Kingdom Broadcasting Network Studios (KBN), and the Christian Chamber of Commerce of Pennsylvania (CCCPA), which equips, trains, and commissions men and women into the marketplace to influence their sphere with the Culture of Heaven.

Dr. Kauffman’s visionary leadership extends to the establishment of the Apostolic Congress of Pennsylvania and together with his wife, Dr. Jill, they host the “Apostolic Voice” on various streaming and television channels. He has also founded The Man Cave, which is a men’s movement that meets quarterly to empower men to take their rightful place in the Kingdom.

Internationally recognized, Dr. Kauffman is the founder and overseer of the International Network of Kingdom Leaders (INK), a global network of influential leaders dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Dr. Kauffman is the president of the Kingdom International University (KIU). He is a prolific author and most recently he established INK Publishing, LLC, a conduit for Kingdom literature.

Dr. Mark Kauffman is happily married to Dr. Jill Kauffman, his partner in life and ministry. Together, they tirelessly work to advance the Kingdom of God, leaving a lasting impact for generations to come. Their family includes three sons, Christian Mark, Anthony, and Ryan, and three beloved grandchildren.

Dr. Jill Kauffman

 Dr. Jill Kauffman is highly respected in both ministry and the marketplace. She is known for her spiritual insights and dedication to her divine calling. She co-founded Jubilee Ministries International in New Castle, Pennsylvania with her husband, Dr. Mark Kauffman. Together they have made a significant impact on countless individuals and families locally and globally. 

Dr. Jill’s ministry is marked by her prophetic teaching and ability to convey the message of the Kingdom of God. She is passionate about worship leading and nurturing the gifts of singers and musicians to foster a deeper relationship with God. 

She holds a Doctor of Divinity from Tabernacle Bible School and University and is actively involved in overseeing the International Network of Kingdom Leaders (INK) with her husband. 

In the marketplace, Dr. Jill is the owner of Kingdom Couture, LLC, a recently established high-end fashion boutique. With a heart for women, this fashion entity is set to shift the culture of our society back to elegance and femininity for women of all ages and races. She also has established the Virtuous Women meetings to minister to women all over the world, showing them their true identity in Christ as a woman of God. 

Dr. Jill is involved in various other business ventures, including co-owning Butz Flowers, Gifts and In-Home Décor (the oldest flower shop in America), Global Investments, and Global Impact Mega Corp. She is also co-owner of Destiny Developers, LLC, a real estate development company with the intent of shifting the economic climate in her city; and co-founder of Kingdom Broadcasting Network Studios which currently reaches over 160 nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom on the “Apostolic Voice” which she so-hosts on multiple streaming, podcast, and satellite networks. Dr. Jill is also the co-founder of the Christian Chamber of Commerce of Pennsylvania working with both marketplace and ecclesiastical leaders. 

Dr. Jill and her husband have established the Apostolic Congress of Pennsylvania with the intent of reaching every county within the state with Apostolic leadership. She also serves as the Vice-President of Kingdom International University (KIU) and recently established INK Publishing, LLC. 

Dr. Jill has been married to Dr. Mark Kauffman for over 30 years and has 3 sons and 3 grandchildren; her family being the closest thing to her heart. Her life’s work reflects her unwavering commitment to spiritual growth and advancing the Kingdom of God in all aspects of society. 

“Everything you wish to accomplish for the Kingdom of God flows out of your identity as a king!” — Dr. Mark Kauffman