Global Impact Mega Corporation (GIMC) was established in 2009 as a Community Development Financial Institution to develop entrepreneurs in the local church, as well as raise up, train and empower young entrepreneurs to start businesses and create opportunities for the next generation. GIMC operates as a Global Financial Institution Enterprise Training Center and Global Developers.

Local communities across the nation face the ongoing problem of losing their youth to more progressive regions. GIMC will solve this problem by creating more opportunities for young entrepreneurs to establish and operate businesses within their local community. By developing young entrepreneurs in the local church, we raise up a new generation of believers who will rise to the challenges of the future, who will be financially positioned and who will make the church relevant in the marketplace. 

GIMC helps men and women advance in to the next level of their destiny by first defining their true purpose and potential and then empowering them to generate wealth. Generating new businesses will empower our youth with a fresh hope for living out their dreams, and give them an expectation for a prosperous future within their own community.


The twenty-first century mandate upon the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ is to reform every sector of society with the Kingdom of our God. While the church cannot abandon its foremost calling to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to mankind, bringing spiritual transformation; we must also remember the church is called to establish the Gospel of the Kingdom in our society, making Jesus Christ Lord of all. Developing Kingdom entrepreneurs is crucial to the fulfillment of this twenty-first century mandate. 

Our church pews are filled with men and women who carry a dream of entrepreneurship, but whom have never been given the platform to birth their businesses. Global Impact Mega Corporation (GIMC) is a “spiritual incubator” that helps birth these prophetic dreams into realities that will subsequently influence society

The church, in its present condition, has become irrelevant in the marketplace through its use of outdated methods by meeting the needs of the poor but failing to develop an economy that will alleviate the plight of the poor and by preaching the Word of God within the church but yet never demonstrating its purpose to the world at large. GIMC enables entrepreneurs to develop their dreams and demonstrate them in pragmatic ways that glorify the Lord and His Kingdom. 

Our Services

GIMC offers a wide variety of services covering every facet of new or existing businesses. These services are provided by our elite expert team who has been hand selected to provide you the very best excellence to helping you to start or grow your business in ways you never thought possible.

  • Kingdom Project Financing

  • Kingdom CPA Services

  • Kingdom Legal Services

  • Kingdom Business Advisory Services

  • Kingdom Investment Coaching

  • Kingdom Power To Create Wealth

  • Kingdom Management Mandate

  • Kingdom Business Coaching

  • Kingdom Personal Coaching

  • Kingdom Principles – Repairing -vs- Upgrading

  • Kingdom Distributors

  • Marketing (5-Star Website &  Social Media)

  • Graphic Design & Logo Creation

  • Complete Organization Analysis

  • Business Plans / Executive Summaries

  • Profit & Loss Spreadsheet Development

  • Branding / Re-Branding For Superiority

  • Leadership Development

  • Master Sales Coaching

  • Circular Referral Network Strategies

  • Setting Yourself Apart From Competitors

  • Risk Mitigation Assessments / Solutions

  • Lead Generation (online & offline)

  • Creating Multiple Streams Of Income

  • Opportunity Engagement Coaching

  • Power Of Partnership Coaching

  • Connecting & Lowering Resistance

  • Building Trust In Customer Where Cost Is Irrelevant

  • Creating Something Out Of Nothing

  • Position Match – Hire Right The First Time

  • How to Acquire Skills For Life

  • Time Management

  • Strategic Planning For Business Growth

  • R&D Technical Services

  • Principles Of Increase

  • The Power Of Stewardship

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Personal & Behavioral Development

  • Overcoming Workplace Distractions

  • Top 10 Essential Soft Skills Employers Demand

  • Creating A Lifestyle Of Focus For Greater Results

  • Insights For Success – Innovation, Concepts, Execution & Solutions

  • How to Work “On” and Not “In” Your Business

  • Kingdom HEREOS Principles, Values & Character Development: Honor, Excellence

  • Professionalism In Business

  • Critical Thinking – Problem & Decision Making

  • The Behavioral Interviewing Process

Our Business Empowerment Seminars

The GIMC team’s purpose and intent for your company is to develop effective Kingdom leadership and thought mastery. We will help you implement these highly successful business model tracks to specific areas of your business with excellent precision to help you achieve maximum results.

  • Focus Vision

  • Buy and Sell versus Sow and Reap

  • The Management Mandate

  • Clashing Cultures

  • Rulership or Ownership

  • Maximizing the Benefits of Crisis

  • A No Debt Culture

  • Fundamentals of Economics

  • Investing Instead of Working

  • Legacy Empowers Business

  • Businesses Let Us Create

  • Faithful in Little

  • Turning Strangers into Customers

  • Love what you do – the Money Will Follow

  • Power to Create Wealth

  • Business Incubation

  • The Power of Honor in the Marketplace

  • Designing Destiny

  • The Energy of Words

  • Hiring a Sales Trainer

  • Opportunity Engagement

  • Marketing Mandates

  • Collaborative Merchant Banking

  • The Spirit of Generosity

  • The Golden Rule

  • The Seed Principle

  • It’s not what you sell, its what you say – The Psychology of Effective Speaking

  • Defy Status Quo

  • Risk Engenders

  • Doing Business Supernaturally

  • Business Excellence

  • Power of Partnership

  • The Power of Increase

  • Surviving or Succeeding

  • Romanticize Risk

  • Create Disciples not Employees

  • Prototypes Break Stereotypes

  • Competing versus Completing

  • Discovering your Work Beyond your Job

  • Maximizing Potentials

  • Principles of Collaborative Commonwealth

GIMC Vision Statement

With the present state of the economy, many paradigm shifts must take place internationally in government, culture, family systems and socioeconomics. We now face a mandate to create economic synergy that will promote a diverse portfolio for entrepreneurs to establish new jobs, inventions and products that will not only stimulate the economy but transform it. 

Most economic infrastructures in our communities are built to maintain low-income families and individuals. Most communities never fully birth real economic development and liberation. There is no such thing as a thriving economic community without community entrepreneurs. The goal of Global Impact Mega Corp is to raise up, train and empower young entrepreneurs to start businesses that will impact the community and create opportunities for the next generation to fulfill their personal destinies. 

Global Impact will help birth, develop and support businesses owned and operated by new business owners. GIMC’s endeavor is to develop “producing mindsets” within the community instead of “consumer mindsets”; where goods and services are produced and sold within the community, building economic advancement from within and creating new jobs. 

It is imperative that residents experience the spirit of excellence. Building and buying with excellence creates a healthy image and long lasting results within the community, resulting in the attracting of new businesses and new residents. 

Through the spirit of excellence, pride returns to the community whereby residents reflect, through having a healthy self-esteem, a lasting visual impression of the community. GIMC’s rule of conduct is to provide and create excellence, quality and integrity within the community. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well. GIMC’s vision is to replace the goal of surviving with the goal of succeeding. 

Through entrepreneurial training, synergy, strategies, love for the community and the residents within the community, GIMC strives to bring change to our community and impact the world. Together we will create wealth and determine destiny. The destiny of communities is not a matter of chance but choice. The model that GIMC will create in New Castle, Pennsylvania will be emulated within other communities in need of strong successful redevelopment programs. 

One million new businesses are started each year in America, and over 40% of them are closed within the first year. Global Impact has developed a program in which residents will enhance their own destiny through business initiation or expansion, technical assistance with personal and business budgets and the acquisition of commercial properties that will house new businesses. The community development financial institution will remain committed to the new businesses with long term support through new marketing ideas, vision strategies, financial accountability and business budgeting. Through synergetic strategies and financial support, GIMC will be committed to the long-term success of the business owners. 

Every new business owner will be encouraged to give back to their community through humanitarian projects, support of charitable events, and participate in community outreach programs for low income and under privileged families. 

Teen Entrepreneur Vision Statement

GIMC’s Teen Entrepreneur Program is specifically targeted for the youth of our generation. This training center trains, transforms and equips teens to reach their full potential through vision planning, entrepreneurial mentoring, and education. 

• Teen Entrepreneur provides discovery, development and deployment strategies. 

• Teen Entrepreneur works with youth in the United States, India, and other nations to develop centers that will help empower our youth at every level in their lives. Through casting vision, and assisting our youth with quality education, we will help them prosper both in their local community and abroad. 

• Teen Entrepreneur will provide young people opportunities and the necessary skills to create businesses, develop inventions, interact with other entrepreneurs and business professionals, build personal character, and understand financial principles. 

King Solomon said “hope deferred makes the heart sick.” This scripture is being realized by this current generation. The lack of vision, mentorship and discipleship is absent within the teens of today. Teen Entrepreneur endeavors to restore vision and destiny to our youth empowering them to accomplish greater things than their predecessors. We believe at Teen Entrepreneur as vision is restored to our teens our teens will make quality decisions that will change their world. 

Global International Foundation Vision Statement

Global International Foundation is a subsidiary of GIMC

At Global International Foundation (GIF), our purpose is to create opportunities for poverty stricken and at risk populations through community outreach and vocational training centers. Our vocational training centers will help individuals develop skills, find career opportunities, as well as offer after school alternatives for children. 

GIF enables residents to not only create new job opportunities, but it financially empowers them to obtain acquisition of real estate which will improve their personal lifestyle and the appearance of their communities. 

GIF will provide low-income families and individuals the opportunity to become employed or become entrepreneurs. By doing so, GIF empowers them to assist in creating a thriving economic community. Also, we have successful entrepreneurs who are committed to helping these community members with their vision planning. 

With the cooperation of health care professionals, GIF will provide medical assistance to those not qualified for personal health care insurance. These individuals will be provided with STD testing, a pregnancy center, dental care, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, and nutritional programs for children. A mobile clinic will be made available to meet the health care needs of elderly and handicapped residents. Once this is established within a community, we will emulate it in other communities. 

Inner city food and clothing banks will be open on a daily basis to assist senior citizens and disabled veterans. These facilities will also provide weekly programs for underprivileged families.
GIF presently ministers to and provides for the needs of 365 pastors and their congregations in the nation of India. One orphanage is currently operating in the state of Kerala, South India. Future plans are being made to build more orphanages and to provide for the educational, spiritual and physical needs of the children. GIF will provide quality education to the pastors and congregations of all 365 churches. This will allow them to train entrepreneurs to start businesses that will create new mindsets and break the back of poverty in their regions. 

Doors have been opened to develop similar strategies of what GIF has been doing in the nation of India. South Africa and Croatia have recently come on board GIF has also been invited to Pakistan and the Philippines. GIF’s Wealth Builder seminars will be made available several times a year to help others generate wealth and develop strategies for wealth distribution among the poor in their regions. 

The financial infrastructure of each city will change through creative opportunities, the spirit of pride, and personal self-esteem. This will impact not only the underprivileged, but also the community as a whole. As each city becomes a model through GIF’s efforts, these patterns will be replicated in other cities through GIF’s redevelopment programs, and by teaming up with faith based organizations and government officials. GIF’s vision restores hope and greater opportunities for the next generation to fulfill their destinies. 

Organizational Structure & Services

Executive Board

Dr. Mark Kauffman
Chief Executive Officer

Pastor Tony Flowers
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Ed Turose
Chief Administrative Officer

Glenn Thomas
Chief Technical Officer